Our Strategy

SACVF was created to assist in meeting the needs of the Veteran, their family, caregivers and widows of every generation

Our Service Priorities are:

  • Advocating
  • Educating & Collaboration
  • Supporting
  • Volunteerism

Advocating by


  • Being a voice for Veterans when they need someone to help speak on their behalf 
  • Representing Veterans with our elected officials on key issues that affect the over 2.1 million Texas Veterans


Educating through community programs and events.

will educate


  • Monthly informational meetings on important topics that support the over 255 Veteran Service Providers (VSP) in the community
  • Networking events that allow participants to share information
  • Training events for companies and public forums to help others understand Veteran issues


Supporting through a variety of programs and services, including direct support of Veterans and families that have “unmet needs” integral to long-term success.

  • Financial support to over 31 Veteran families facing homelessness 
  • Providing clothes so a Veteran can interview for a new job
  • Mini-scholarships for our Veteran Families 


Volunteerismcut trees: As with military service, being a volunteer is not only important to each Veteran, but allows SACVF to help many of the aging, disabled and low-income Veterans in the Alamo region.

  • Building ramps and fixing homes with the help of our friends at the Home Depot Foundation
  • Cutting trees for those who are disabled or poor
  • Helping register Veterans at an event for a Veteran Service Provider

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Mailing Address

San Antonio Coalition for Veterans & Families

PO Box 160611                 San Antonio, TX 78280